List of Asian Cultural Sites - Educational Resources

This is a short list of cultural and educational sites for students and teachers of Asian studies. It includes art, books, economics, education, history, law, maps, philosophy, religion, and some general information

Here is a brief list of Asian Cultural and Educational sites that might be useful to students and teachers of Asian Culture.  I hope you enjoy them. Some of them will be useful for art students and teachers, while others will help economics students and teachers of Asian Economics.  Many useful maps, books, and some nice history, philosophy and religion sites are also included.

 Asian Art

Asian - for Asian art promotion *****- A comprehensive Asian Art site

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco - - an excellent collection of Asian Art*****

Seattle Art Museum - - a significant collection of Asian Art*****

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Works of Art: Asian Art - – New York fine collection of Asian Art***** - - a general Asian Art site

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Freer Gallery of Art - - The Smithsonian Institute’s contribution to Asian Art

Crow Collection of Asian Art : Home - - architectural collection of Asian Art

Asia Art Archive - - Listing of Asian Art events.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - - a nice collection of Asian Art

Auckland Arts Journal - - General Arts Journal on Asia

Orientations - - a guide to Asian Art Museums

The Offen Collection - - 16-20th Century Art

Liao Art - - art and artifact collection of Liao

Chinese Photography - - a collection of photos highlighting China’s architectural development and urbanization.

Indian Art Posters - - a nice collection of Indian god posters*****

Asian Books

Asian Books - - Rare Asian Books

Asian Books - – Rare Asian Books

Primary Sources - = Primary Sources for Asian-Pacific books, manuscripts, and pictures

Asian Economics - Journal of Asian Economics -***** – A premier journal on Asian Economics

Toward A New Age of Partnership - ***** - A site dedicated to the investigation of the role of the Dutch East Asia Company and its role in trade in the Far East

Asia Pacific Research - Economics - RSPAS - Asia Pacific Research - Economics - RSPAS – Australian National University research on Asian Economics*****

Roubini Global Economics (RGE) Monitor - - an independent global economics monitor with substantial materials on Asian Economics

Far Eastern Economic Review - - a dow-jones publication on Far Eastern Economics

East Asian Economics - Shorenstein APARC - - a Stanford University site on East Asian Economics

Asian Economic Think Tanks: ADBI Pocket Guide - - a guide to Asian Economics Think Tanks

Asian Economic News - - contemporary Asian Economic news feeds

The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies - – A John Hopkins University site on International Studies with Asian Economic content

Cotton Sector in Central Asia: – A look at cotton within the Asian economic picture

University of California - - The middleman in Asian economics

Asian Economic Summit - - Summary of Discussions*****

Asian Education

Asian Education - - Asia Society link that provides excellent data on the state of Asian education*****

Asian Education Index - – Valuable research tool for examining bibliography lists on Asian Education*****

KQED Video Resources - - video resources on Asian Education

Time Magazine Asia - - TIme Magazine examination of Asian Education

Asian EFL Journal Newsletter – Monthly newsletter on the state of English as a foreign language studies in Asia

UNESCO - – UN site for issues surrounding Asian Education

Asian History - - extensive teacher and student resource on Asian Studies *****

Asian History at Fordham - - General Asian History at Fordham University *****

South Asian History - - Excellent Columbia University site on South Asian History*****

Asian Dictionary - - translations of various Asian languages

ASIAN NATIONALITY STUDIES - - Columbia University Conferences

Australian National University - – Asian History materials from ANU

Australian National University Chinese History - various topics of Chinese History

Asian Antiquities - – Site for Asian artifacts

Central Asian Voices Portal - – site focusing on Central China and its neighbors


Asian Journal of Comparative Law - - Journal of Asian Law review *****

UWLS Asian Law Center - - Washington University contribution to Asian Law research

Asian Law Online - - Bibliographical research center online for Asian Law

Asian Law Centre - - Australian resource for Asian law research

Columbia Journal of Asian Law - - Useful Columbia University site on Asian Law

Asian Law Institute - - Useful Singapore line on Asian Law and practices.

Asian Law Information - - useful site for Asian law


Maps of all Asian Countries - - Geography Department, University of Sheffield *****

National Geographic - - Wonderful collection of National Geographic maps*****

Lonely Planet - - An excellent resource for maps of Asia*****

Maps of Asia - - The renowned Asian Studies collection of Texas University*****

World - - A general collection of the maps of the world

Maps-Asia-Infoplease - - A trustworthy collection from a large database


Asian Thought Links - - Top-notch aide on Asian Philosophy under the auspices of world-renown author, Dr. Chad Hansen *****

China Studies - - Site specializing in Chinese Philosophy *****

Taylor and Francis Journals - - Highly- ranked British Asian Philosophy site

Routledge Encyclopedia - - Online site specializing in East Asian Philosophy

Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy - – General site for Asian Philosophy

Erratic Impact.com– A commercial site with specialized data on Asian Philosophy

Asian Religion

AsiaSource - - An essential resource on Asian religion*****

South Asian Religions - an excellent resource on South Asian religions from Columbia University*****

Religion - - Religion data by Hawaii University Religion Department

Religion - - The WWW Virtual Library data on religion

Asian Religions - – A general resource on Asian religion

Southeast Asian Religious Practices - - General Southeast Asian religious studies site generated by San Diego University

Asian Studies (General)

General Asian Research - - A highly recommended site for initial research data in Asian Studies*****

Asian Studies at Nordic Asian Studies Institute – Denmark - - General Asian Studies at Nordic Asian Studies Institute in Denmark*****

Asian Studies Acronyms - Acronyms for Asian Studies sites*****

Wisconsin University CD-Rom Database - - Bibliography of CD-roms on China

Asian Studies – Malaysia - – Site for Asian Studies on Malaysia

Singapore Asian Issues - - A forum on Asian issues from Singapore*****

China Journal - - Highly rated journal on Chinese affairs*****

British Association for South Asian Studies - - General site for South Asian Studies

General Asian Studies - - General Reference for Asian Studies materials


China and Australia Relations -*/ - China and its economic ties with Australia*****

Australia-China Free Trade Agreement - - An Australian government site that discusses the Free Trade Agreement

China Connections - – Australian site for Australian-Chinese commerce


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